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Liquid and Gas Sampling  

Receptacles – Closed Containers, Cylinders & Syringes

When sampling hazardous chemicals, customers rely on the quality, precision, and safety that BIAR’s process sampling valves provide. When preventing exposure to the operator or surrounding environment, selection of the proper sample collection receptacle is paramount. There are multiple reasons why a user would require absolutely no exposure of the sample to the surrounding environment.

The most common, and perhaps most obvious, would be sampling applications in which the chemical being sampled is extremely toxic, even in minute quantities. Our valves have been used to sample some of the most hazardous chemicals used in research or industrial applications, including liquid chlorine, phosgene gas, ethylene oxide and hydrofluoric acid. Any exposure to these chemicals could pose an acute health risk to the operator and can be deadly. The other common reason for preventing exposure of the sample to the surround environment is applications in which the fluid solidifies upon contact with or reacts with the surrounding atmosphere.

To serve these needs, we provide cylinder collection vessels that completely eliminate any exposure of the sample to the outside environment. These cylinders can be used in high pressure systems, and provide extremely high purity samples. For toxic products that must be sampled in a bottle, our engineering team designed the REVO-box. Using the REVO-box, samples are collected, without the use of needles, in a completely controlled environment that acts as a barrier between the sample collection bottle and the outside environment.

We offer numerous sample collection solutions depending on the configuration of the processes system and toxicity of the fluid being sampled. Our team of experts always works with the individual customer to ascertain the information needed to properly match the ideal collection receptacle to the given application.