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Liquid and Gas Sampling  

Receptacles – Bottles & Other Open Top Containers

What distinguishes a sampling valve from any other type of valve is the method of collection and the sampling receptacle. At BIAR, we offer numerous sampling collection options, based on the characteristics of the chemical being sampled. For applications in which the sample is not hazardous and is not adversely affected by exposure to the surrounding environment, a collection bottle that is screwed to the valve is typically used. This is the simplest collection method available and provides and a straightforward means of sample retrieval.

If the fluid is not especially viscous and does not contain large slurries, a septum bottle and needle provides a collection option that further limits the risk of chemical exposure. This method is typically chosen for fluids that can be hazardous in concentrated amounts, but for which release of small amounts of the material does not pose an immediate risk to the operator or environment. The biggest challenge when using a needle, is the clogging, bending, or breaking of the needle, which is why this method is typically relegated to homogenous fluids with a low viscosity.

Other accessories include the bottle support and safety cabinet. Depending on the application and process requirements, accessories can be combined (i.e. safety cabinet with bottle support or needle adapter).

For extremely hazardous materials or chemicals that solidify upon exposure to the environment, we offer additional sampling methods, which represent the ultimate solution for preventing exposure and the retrieving of high purity samples.