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Sample Valves & Accessories for the Perfect Sample Station

Reducing risks associated with Grab Sampling makes operators’ jobs easier and improves your bottom line.

A diagram that shows the levels of exposure and risk depending on the BIAR Sampling System

Combining Precision with Outstanding Durability

As leaders in sampling valve technology, our dead-space-free inline valves can be configured for the most difficult applications where grab sampling of hazardous chemicals in liquid and gas states, including Hydrofluoric Acid, Fuming Acid, MDI/TDI, and Liquid Chlorine is required. These robust valves, along with our adapters and receptacles, are easy to use and may be customized to your specific needs. We help to maximize operator safety by designing maintenance-free valves that don’t require flushing or purging, thus providing a directly representative sample, the first time, every time!

See the BIAR Sampling Systems Difference

When it comes to safety optimization, grab sampling a chemical into a bottle without exposing the operator to toxic fumes or vapors is a safer alternative to traditional sampling methods. For a better understanding of how BIAR can add value to your operations, watch these short videos, as well as other videos

Biar ICON Beker

BIAR Sampling Systems integrates engineering expertise with manufacturing excellence to produce superior sampling valves. By enabling the effective sampling of corrosive, volatile and highly hazardous materials, including liquefied gases, we help our customers improve compliance with regulations and best practices. Investing in application-specific Sample Valves allows quicker and safer sampling with minimum waste and reduces your Total Cost of Ownership.

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