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Sample Valve Options to Fit Your Application

We have a range of options for inline sampling as well as sampling from the top, side or bottom of reactors. These are available in a variety of connection types from flanged to tri-clamp connections and can be manufactured in 316, 304L, PFA lined, Alloy 20, Monel, Hastelloy and other materials on request.

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Inline Sample Valve: Horizontal Orientation
Inline Sampling Valve-RT
Vertical Inline Sampling Valve-RT
Lateral Sampling Valve-RT with top padding
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Inline Sample Valve: Vertical Orientation

The vertical valve is designed for installation in situations where a horizontal location is not feasible, ideally placed where the process flow moves downwards through the valve. These valves are available in ANSI class 150# and 300#. Additionally, they can be equipped with a safety cabinet when the length of the piping (L1) is extended.

Inline Sample Vertical DWG

Inline Sample Valve: Horizontal Orientation

Fitted directly on the process line or on a bypass, a constant flow through the valve guarantees a directly representative sample without any process interruption. When used for sampling into bottles or jars, we can customize the accessory to fit the customers’ bottle. These can be used with a thread adapter, plate support or needle adapter for sampling into a bottle with septa. When used with a piston injector or container (sample bomb), these can be connected directly under the valve, eliminating dead space.

Inline Sample Horizontal DWG

Lateral Valve

The lateral valve is intended for use on the side of a process line or on the side or bottom of a reactor when an inline installation is not feasible. These valves come with a wide range of connection options, and the dip tube can be customized to any length or angle for connection to the reactor or process line. For more detailed information, please refer to the Lateral Valve Instructions page.

Lateral Valve DWG
horizontal valve chart
vertical valve chart
lateral valve chart

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