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Revo Box: The Revo Box is specifically designed for sampling hazardous processes or processes sensitive to the atmosphere into a bottle with threads. Using this system, the bottle can be uncapped and recapped after the sample is taken from outside the cabinet, without any exposure risk to the operator. The cabinet can also be vented or purged with Nitrogen or other gas to eliminate the risk of exposure to fumes before the door is open. Can be used with bottles from 250ml to 1000ml.

Uses: For high hazard and atmosphere sensitive sampling into bottles with threads that requires the highest level of safety against exposure.

Revo Box

Why is the REVO-BOX suitable for Nitric Acid?

  • Bottle can be capped and uncapped from outside the cabinet.

  • Cabinet can be inerted with Nitrogen or other gas.

  • Total protection from noxious fumes.

  • Minimizes PPE required to take a sample.

revo box diagrams

With a sample valve from BIAR Sampling Systems, the operator can safely grab a Chemical Sample into a bottle without any exposure. Using the REVO-BOX, a bottle can be used to capture hazardous Chemicals (HazChem) in a totally controlled environment. The sample is collected in the bottle used by the laboratory technician (lab tech) and the cap is safely screwed back within the safety cabinet at the sample station, thus eliminating any fumes or toxic vapors. 

This product also works for grabbing a high purity chemical sample in a bottle.