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Safety Cabinet: The safety cabinet adds another level of safety as it separates the process from the operators while the sample is being taken. The cabinet features vent ports for venting with air or other gas to remove any fumes that may be present before the operator opens the door. A drain port at the bottom of the safety cabinet can be used for cleaning the cabinet in case of spills.

The safety cabinet can be manufactured in 316, 304L and Polyester.

Uses: The safety cabinet should be used for hazardous or high temperature processes where exposure from splashes, fumes or the process must be prevented. It is also a good option for volatile processes that should not come in contact with the environment, as the cabinet can be vented throughout the sampling process.

Why is the Safety Cabinet suitable for Sulfuric Acid?

  • Totally enclosed environment for added safety.

  • Vented cabinet protects against inhalation of toxic fumes.

  • Protection against potential spills.

  • Can be used with a thread adapter or plate support.

  • Viewing window for ease of use.

safety cabinet
Safety cabinet diagram

BIAR's sample cabinet or enclosure give an extra layer of protection for the operator.

The safety cabinet can be used with most accessories for sampling stable liquids into a bottle.