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If your plant handles hazardous chemicals, liquids or gases, and grab sampling is critical to your operations, chances are that BIAR Sampling Systems can help you:

  • Obtain better representative samples
  • Improve industrial hygiene and environmental compliance
  • Increase operator safety
  • Boost efficiency
  • Increase profitability

Common sampling-related challenges that chemical plants face include:

  • Counter-intuitive sampling procedures
  • Need for a second sample
  • Inadequate PPE
  • Dirty sample station
  • Bucket mistakenly left under the sample station
  • Flushing/purging required
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Use this form to download our checklist to help you improve the safety and efficiency of your sampling activities.

Additionally, feel free to use the Click Here button at the bottom of this page for valuable information about:

  • Sample Quality
  • Operator-Friendly Sampling
  • Industrial Hygiene & Environment
  • Safety Procedures
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