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Here you will find some of the internal components of a BIAR valve. From the stem gasket opening seal to the bellows seal and parts in between. Learn more about what goes into a BIAR valve assembly below.

Stem Gasket:

The stem gasket is what seals the opening and is specifically engineered so that there is no dead space, guaranteeing a representative sample every time a sample is taken. The standard stem gasket consists of a PTFE gasket and for higher temperatures and pressures this can be upgraded to a high pressure gasket made of stellite. These are easily replaced as part of a regular PM schedule. We have a choice of two outlet sizes, a 4mm opening and for processes of higher viscosities, a 10mm opening.

Stem Gasket-diagram
Stem Gasket-04mm Chart
Stem Gasket-010 mm Chart

Stuffing Box:

The stuffing box or ‘packing’ is a series of washers that effectively seal the valve around the stem. These come in a variety of materials and are customized for process compatibility.

stuffing box
Stuffing Box Simple Diagram
Single Detection Chart

Leak Detection Port:

The stuffing box can also be modified to include an o ring and leak detection port for added security.

leak detection port
Stuffing Box Double Diagram
Double Detection Chart

Bellows Seal:

A bellows seal is another option that forms a hermetical seal, preventing leakage of liquid or gas, even when subjected to extreme changes in temperature. A leak detection port can give added security by notifying operations if product has leaked past the bellows seal with the addition of a pressure gauge.

bellows seal
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