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Inline Sampling Valves That Get the Job Done

Whether your application requires inline valves, reactor systems, gas samplers, or a custom solution, we have the ability to provide you with horizontal, vertical, lateral, top-of-reactor, and reactor bottom assemblies made of stainless steel or other materials and PFA-lined (Teflon®).

We also equip our custom solutions with the appropriate standard features, as well as heating jackets and nitrogen rinsing capabilities, based on your specifications.

A BIAR Inline Sampling Valve

A Safer, More Reliable Way to Sample Stable Liquids & Volatile Chemicals

For environmentally friendly, low-maintenance sampling technology that is HSE compliant and engineered to your process, BIAR Sampling Systems offers an array of Simple Engineered Grab Sample Solutions, Stable Liquid Sampling Equipment, and Volatile Chemical Sampling Methods that protect operator safety and the environment.

Every BIAR inline sampling valve can be configured to your specifications and sampling parameters.

For an overview of our solutions and a comparison of our grab sampling systems to other options, click the tiles below.

simple engineered solutions
Sampling Stable Liquids-1
sampling volatile chemicals
comparison of grab sampling systems
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