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Our sampling systems allow product to flow through the valve. When the valve is actuated, the stem or spindle is retracted, allowing product to flow into the receptacle. The spring to close function on all our valves ensures that the valve cannot be left open inadvertently.

Sampling into a bottle

Sampling Chemicals

Obtaining a representative sample is absolutely critical when determining whether the process is running optimally. Our valves are engineered to ensure that a representative sample is guaranteed every time without the need to flush or purge, meaning no waste is generated in the process. 


Installing a sample valve directly on the process line (green valves in illustration), or on a bypass or fast loop between the high-pressure and low-pressure sides of the pump, are the most ideal locations to ensure a representative sample. The no dead space technology behind our Grab Sample Solution is also a safer alternative for sampling even the harshest chemicals.

Click to learn about how our sampling systems can be adapted to your process thanks to our modular design.

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BIAR Sampling Systems Types

BIAR sampling valves are ideal for sampling a wide range of hazardous and high temperature processes, including those on OSHA’s List of Highly Hazardous Chemicals, Toxics and Reactives and those meeting criteria for ASME B31.3 Category M Fluid Service. Click below to see examples of some of our most common applications.

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