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Piston Injector: The piston injector is another option for enclosed sampling for use with or without a bayonet adapter under multifunction valves. The piston injector differs from the container as it features a piston and functions much like a syringe to draw the sample into the chamber. Sample sizes from 50ml to 250ml for temperature ranges of -10o to 150oC and pressures from vacuum to 9 bar.

Uses: The piston injector is suitable for processes that require an enclosed sampling environment at lower pressures and temperatures. It can be used for processes that require space for thermal expansion and can feature a sight glass if required. The laboratory stand allows for the sample to be extracted safely into a GC or other receptacle.

Piston Injector-2

Why is the Piston Injector suitable for Oleum?

  • Totally enclosed sampling apparatus.

  • Allows for product expansion.

  • Sample easily extracted in the laboratory.

  • Sample protected from contamination by air or moisture.

piston injector diagrams

The following video is a quick introduction to sampling liquid or gas into our piston-injector or syringe. This is a safer and easier alternative to the traditional sample panels AKA "closed loop sample systems".