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Liquid and Gas Sampling  


Liquid & Gas Sampling Systems for Pipeline or Reactor

Expert in Sampling Systems

BIAR specializes in designing and manufacturing liquid and gas sampling systems for pipeline or reactor.

BIAR took the lead when, as early as 1983, it developed the first sampling valve with a hand wheel and conical seat.

Swiss Quality
Proud of its Swiss roots, BIAR’s manufacturing style emphasizes quality, durability and high precision.

ISO 9001:2008ISO 3834-2:2005CEFIRE SAFE ATETA-Luft

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Historic – An Ideal Partner Since 1983

Guy Masson is the inventor of BIAR's sampling system, also known as "PRISEMASSON®". He is the founder of BIAR S.A. in Switzerland and BIAR, Inc. in the USA.

The customer should be our very first concern while we offer solutions that are simple, sure and efficient.

Opening of the new 4000 m2 production center and office in Sembrancher.

Opening of a branch in the United States, near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Building of the engineering office and the workshop.

Creation of the corporation BIAR in Switzerland (BIAR SA). The name comes from the initials of this French phrase: "Bureau d'Ingénierie et Atelier de Réalisation" which means "Engineering Office and Realization Workshop".

The device encounters a certain success and the request for a patent has been made.

While working for a large Swiss chemical group, Guy Masson has developed a prototype used to handle toxic products.

Our Know-How at Your Service

Consultation and Follow-up
Consultation and follow-up to guarantee the quality of service, BIAR has a unique point of sale and production, allowing timely interactions and improving communication between technical consultants and different services from production to invoicing.


  • A personal technical consultant that will follow up from the inquiry to the delivery.
  • An American subsidiary
  • A local agent

Expertise & Develpoment

BIAR is the leader in engineering sampling solutions with its own design center. Experts at BIAR create specific solutions for customer’s individual projects.

Production Center

All products are Swiss made in our 4000m2 production facility.

A modern infrastructure and highly qualified staff allow BIAR to focus its expertise on what it knows best.

Careers at BIAR

There is no current vacancies but don't hesitate to send us your spontaneous application.