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Sample Cylinder: When sampling volatile, hazardous and toxic chemicals where exposure to the process must not be allowed, or the process is atmosphere sensitive, the Sample Cylinder is a must have option. The Sample Cylinder is highly engineered to connect to the outlet of the sample valve to keep the amount of dead space to an absolute minimum. Because there is only one connection point, it reduces exposure risk associated with other systems that feature multiple valves and connection points. Sampling sizes from 50ml to 1000ml.

Uses: The Sample Cylinder is ideal for highly hazardous, high temperature and high-pressure processes that require an enclosed sampling environment. It can also be fitted with a bellows and leak detection port for added safety and is suitable for processes that require space for thermal expansion. The laboratory stand allows for the sample to be extracted safely into a GC or other receptacle.

Available in SS316, Hastelloy, Monel, Alloy 20 and PFA lined.

LY container

Why is the Sample Cylinder suitable for HF?

  • Cylinders available in Monel and Hastelloy.

  • Ensures a totally enclosed environment.

  • Bellows add another level of protection against leaks.

  • No quick connects or tubing required.

  • Minimal potential leak points.

  • Sample easily extracted in the laboratory.

  • Can accommodate sample sizes from 50ml to 600ml.

LY container diagram