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Liquid and Gas Sampling  

Valves for sampling
hazardous chemicals

To safely collect the sample of hazardous chemicals such as HF, TDI, Cl2, EO or sulphuric acid, it is important to prevent exposure to toxic fumes and/or spills. A high quality sample should be representative and cross-contamination should be avoided entirely when sampling at PPT/PPM level or reduced to a minimum for other applications. 

BIAR Sample valves are engineered products designed to solve those challenges.

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BIAR Sampling Systems is specialized in the design and manufacture of sampling valves and adapters used to extract chemical liquid and gas samples from the process line. Our products are engineered solutions that are easily customized to suit customers' needs. With 30 years of expertise in highly hazardous products sampling, we have designed systems for processes as diverse as nerve gas, polluted water or gaseous acid.

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