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Adjustable Plate Support: The plate support holds the bottle under the valve so that the operator doesn’t have to hold the bottle in their hands. It works on a spring mechanism and can be adjusted to fit the bottle directly under the outlet. This option is ideal if different sized bottles are being used. The bottle guard also prevents the risk of the bottle tipping over if overpressurized.

Uses: The thread adapter is suitable for sampling stable liquids where contact with the environment is not an issue but where safety dictates that the bottle be supported under the valve rather than the operator hold the bottle in their hand when sampling.

Why is it suitable for Rosin?

  • Ideal for high temperature, high viscosity liquids.

  • Can be used with Styrofoam cups and other single-use receptacles.

  • Suitable for different sized bottles or jars.

  • Adjustable support for added safety to prevent thermal burns.

adjustable plate support