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Liquid and Gas Sampling  

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The illustration below shows how BIAR COLUMBIA-LY sample container provide a sufficient vapor space to prevent overpressure from volumetric expansion.
Sample cylinder with vapor space for liquefied gas expansionAn increase in temperature causes the internal cylinder pressure to rise by the combination of volumetric expansion of the liquid (compressing the vapor space) and an increase in the vapor pressure of the contents.
When used horizontally, BIAR sample containers COLUMBIA-LY create a vapor space that is necessary for volumetric expansion of the liquid.


Outage is the vapor space in the cylinder expressed as a percentage of the total volume of the cylinder:
 % outage = (vapor space / total volume) X 100


This configuration is particularly useful for sampling Liquefied Gas (LG). To provide volume for product expansion, the valve must be installed on a vertical pipeline or at 90° on a horizontal pipeline as illustrated below:

BIAR Liquefied Gas Sample valve mounted on a vertical pipelineBIAR Liquefied Gas Sample valve mounted at 90 degree on a horizontal pipeline

Click here to get the PDF version of this article