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Liquid and Gas Sampling  

BIAR Sample Valves

The sample valves we produce at BIAR represent the safest, simplest, and most durable sampling valves in the market. We produce valves that are used to extract liquid or gas samples from the process line. There are several essential aspects to our sample valve design that set us apart from competitors. One of the most important components of the BIAR valve design is the fact that our valves have no dead space. This prevents contamination of the sample and ensures that a representative sample is taken each time. The elimination of dead space also protects the safety of the operator as it ensures that no chemical remains in the valves after expulsion of the sample. Flushing and purging is thus not required and this in turns means less maintenance has to be done on our valves compared with traditional methods or competitive products.

An additional aspect of safety built into the valve design is the use of spring-to-close actuations. The standard actuator used on our products is the Magic Hand Wheel. Spring-to-close levers and pneumatic actuators can also be used as needed, depending on the nature of the system. The spring-to-close action causes the valve to close immediately should the operator’s hand slip, preventing dangerous liquid or vapor fumes from spilling into the surrounding area. Our primary concern in every aspect of our designs is providing customers with a means to obtain clean, pure fluid samples, while eliminating safety risks.

The specifics of each valve design, regarding aspects such as the connection configuration, the aforementioned actuator type, and the method of collection, are all customized based on the specifications of the customer’s process stream. Parameters including the nature of the fluid, as well as the pipe size, operating temperature, and pressurization of the process stream all come into play when designing a sample valve for a specific application. With a myriad of customization options available, we can offer customers both the advantage of proven designs that have been rigorously field tested and the flexibility of a custom valve. Another advantage of our customizable valves is each accessory can easily be detached for cleaning if required. This reduces greatly the maintenance required.