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Tube Adapter:

The tube adapter connects under the outlet of the valve and helps direct the flow of the process into the desired receptacle to reduce splashing. The tube adapter can be used in conjunction with the plate support and is designed so that there are no hanging drops to ensure a representative sample.

Tube adapter diagram


The tube adapter is useful for high temperature processes with relatively high viscosities and is designed to reduce the risk of thermal burns from splashing. It can be easily disconnected for cleaning.

Tube Adapter Key Points:

  • Directs the process into bottle, jar or other receptacle.
  • Eliminates splashing.
  • Can be used with different size receptacles.
  • Ideal for resins, rosin and polymers.

Why is the tube adapter suitable for rosin?

  • Safe sampling of high temperature processes like rosin.
  • Can be used with Styrofoam cups and other single-use receptacles used for rosin sampling.
  • Prevents splashing of hot liquid.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Suitable for higher viscosities.

Expendable Tube Adapter:

The expandable tube adapter is for use with open top receptacles, particularly bottles and ideally with a bottle support. This adapter features an adjustable outlet which can be retracted when fitting a bottle under it and allows the outlet tube to extend into the bottle, reducing the risk of splashing.


This adapter is ideal for hazardous processes and processes that tend to fume. It is designed to direct the sample flow into the bottle and protect the operator from potential splashing.

Expendable tube adapter diagram

Expandable Tube Adapter Key Points:

  • Suitable for hazardous and high temperature processes.
  • Protection from splashing.
  • Can be used with different sized bottles.
  • Ideal for hazardous processes like HCN and Nitric Acid.

Why is the expandable tube adapter suitable for HCN?

  • Prevents splashing when sampling.
  • Reduces fuming by directing flow into the bottle.
  • Can be used with narrow mouth bottles.

PFA Tube Adapter:

The PFA Tube Adapter is for use with open top receptacles, particularly bottles and ideally with a bottle support. This adapter can be adapted to fit a variety of bottles and can be made in a material that is suitable for the process. It is easily detachable and interchangeable for use with different sized bottles.


The PFA Tube Adapter is an adapter suitable for processes that need to be sampled and mixed with another media, particularly processes that react violently when mixed. Extending the tube to the bottom of the bottle can reduce the strength of the reaction. Ideal for processes such as Anhydrous HF.

PFA Tube Adapter Key Points:

  • Designed to prevent fuming.
  • Designed to reduce the extent of reaction when mixed with another chemical.
  • Reduced reaction means safer sampling.
  • Can be used with AHF when mixed with ice in the bottle.

Why is the PFA tube adapter suitable for Anhydrous HF?

  • Reduces the fuming that occurs when AHF is mixed with ice in the bottle.
  • Material of construction eliminates the occurrence of corrosion.
  • Protects against splashing.
PFA tube adapter diagram
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