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A Grab Sampling Tool Expertly Designed for No Exposure

Grab sampling tools are important for chemical manufacturers, and there are only two types of sample receptacles:

  1. Bottles & other open-top containers for non-volatile liquids
  2. Closed containers such as Sample Cylinders for volatile liquids and gases

How do you decide which type is better?

Picture1-1In principle, bottles & other open-top containers can’t hold any pressure. If pressure can’t be released, it must be contained, and a closed container is required. Additionally, with standard accessories, exposure to toxic fumes and/or vapor are difficult to avoid with bottles & other open-top containers. Therefore, to guarantee zero exposure, a closed container is usually the practical option. However, Sample Cylinders cost more than other receptacles and are non-disposable. This reality means cleaning procedures must be put in place to guarantee a high quality, representative sample.

What’s unique about the REVO-BOX?

With a REVO-BOX or Revo Cabinet, operators can safely grab a sample of hazardous liquids into a bottle without exposure. The sample is collected in the bottle used by the laboratory technician (lab tech) and the cap is safely screwed back on within the safety cabinet at the sample station, eliminating the probability of fumes or toxic vapors escaping. The result is similar to what one would achieve with a “glove box” in a laboratory (though at a much lower cost), and its design makes it ideal for use in the harshest environments.

Using a REVO-BOX, samples can be collected into cheaper receptacles, and this drives operating costs down and improves the bottom line. Most importantly, safety is not compromised!

How does it work?

Picture2-1A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video even more, see the REVO-BOX in action at

Simply follow these few instructions for using the Revo Cabinet to grab a sample into a bottle:

  1. Put the bottle in the bottle holder and the cap in the cap holder.
  2. Close the box and screw the bottle to the adapter from the outside.
  3. Grab the sample.
  4. Unscrew the bottle from the adapter and screw the cap onto the bottle.
  5. Vent fumes and vapor from the REVO-BOX.
  6. Open the box and bring the bottle to the lab for analysis.

To find out how a REVO-BOX can improve safety and productivity in your facilities, ask an expert

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