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Practical Sampling Equipment for Chemical Manufacturing

Having practical sampling equipment can improve safety and industrial hygiene while eliminating waste. In this article, we will delve into the perfect example showing how important practical sampling tool solutions can be.

We recently worked with a chemical manufacturer to improve their sampling process after a recent Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) determined that their setup, consisting of a ball valve with tubing from the bottom of a reactor of hot oil, could be unsafe. To take a representative sample, the Operator had to flush out the dead space into a bucket which was left next to the sample station (pictured). The nature of the process also caused plugging at the outlet, and hot oil frequently sprayed out when the Operator opened the ball valve.


To make the process safer, we provided a lateral valve with an integrated heating jacket to maintain process temperature and prevent solidification. The lateral valve allows the Operator to push back the dead space into the reactor before taking a sample. Fresh product then flows into the valve and allows a representative sample to be taken.

A safety cabinet offers the operator another level of protection. Because the handwheel features a spring-to-close mechanism, there is no fear of an Operator walking away from an open valve. The addition of a fin extension under the spring-to-close handwheel allows the heat to be dissipated, which prevents the handwheel from getting hot. We achieved this improvement with a minimum of piping modifications, and we added a stand to support the sample system as seen here.

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These sampling equipment upgrades address the common safety, industrial hygiene, and product quality challenges that most plants face when sampling hot liquids:


- The safety cabinet protects the Operator from splashes and exposure to hot liquid.
- The valve is a spring-to-close mechanism that cannot be left open.
- The spring-to-close handwheel is protected from exposure to high temperatures.

Industrial Hygiene

- Unsightly flush buckets are no longer needed, making the sample station cleaner and safer.
- Product is contained and cannot splash in the sample area.

Product Quality

- The lateral valve guarantees a representative sample every time without having to flush out dead space.
- A high-quality sample reduces waste, saving time and money.

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