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Liquid and Gas Sampling  

The BIAR Advantage

We created BIAR in the early 80’s to fill a void that existed in the chemical industry for safe sampling valves that allowed operators to retrieve samples of hazardous (HazChem) and other chemicals without the risk of sample contamination, or accidental release. Now, over 30 years later, we continue to pioneer innovations in the field of chemical sampling and produce a range of valve configurations with unmatched quality and precision. While competitors have attempted to enter the field throughout the years, no one provides the level of quality, safety, and precision that we do. There is simply no shortcut when the health and safety of operators and the surrounding environment are at stake.

Our valves are used in a myriad of applications including the sampling of everything from pipeline liquids to extremely toxic chemicals such as phosgene gas. To meet such a diverse array of needs, we have established a strong global network that consists of a knowledgeable sales staff and distributors who work to customize each sampling valve to meet the given application. Aspects such as the chemical in question as well as the temperature, pressure, and pipe size of the given process system must be established in order to specify the correct valve type and its receptacle.

The vast majority of our valves are fitted with a spring-to-close system, or what is typically called a “dead man’s” actuator to prevent any spillage should the operator suddenly step away from the valve. This may be in the form of a hand-wheel, lever, or pneumatic actuator, depending on the nature of the system. For example, for viscous liquids that are not under extreme pressure, the spring-to-close lever actuator will provide a better solution than our standard spring-to-close hand-wheel. By taking the time to thoroughly characterize the specific details of a customer’s application, we can provide them with the optimal valve for their sampling needs.